Consignment Policies

(You will be asked to sign a hard copy of this document when you consign items.)

Journey Books Consignment Policies

Please note:  If your item(s) were purchased with your homeschool allotment, those items are the property of the homeschool organization, and some of the local organizations ask that you return usable items (even after they have depreciated), so that they may be passed on to other families. You are responsible for ensuring the status of any items donated or consigned.

How to Consign Your Items:   We will gladly accept clean, gently used educational items, including curriculum, general reading books, puzzles, and games.  Please contact Karen to make an appointment to go through the items for consignment and discuss any specific value or pricing issues.

Electronic games and toys should be consigned with batteries.  Board games and puzzles need to be counted, organized, and verified complete, with instructions.

Pricing Policies:  We generally price items between 50-75% of current retail, depending on the condition and demand.  *Please make sure we know of any particularly valuable items, in order to price them appropriately.

Payment to Consignors:  Consignors will receive 50% of each item’s final sale price.  We will keep a running total of account balances, and will have payment available to consignors beginning on the 15th of the month.  For account balances less than $20, the consignor will need to stop by the shop to pick up the payment in cash.  A check can be issued for amounts of $20 or greater, and can be picked up at the shop.  Alternately, the check can be mailed to the consignor for an additional $3.00 check fee.

Consignment Period:   My consignment period is twelve months from the day an item was added to the consignor’s account.  Consignors may stop by and pull any of their unsold items during the last two weeks of the consignment period.  Please monitor your consignment dates if you wish to pick up unsold items at the completion of the twelve month term.  Items cannot be removed from inventory prior to the final two weeks except by purchase.

Items not sold or picked up at the end of the twelve month period will become property of Journey Books, and may be donated at our discretion.


Finally, although we will do our best to carefully monitor all consigned merchandise, Journey Books will not be held responsible for lost or damaged consigned items left with us.  This policy may be updated or changed at our discretion.


I understand and agree to the consignment policies of Journey Books, Eagle River, AK.