Curriculum Chat: Language Arts

This weekend, I will be hosting a gathering at the shop to highlight some of the Language Arts curriculum choices available to homeschoolers.  I have asked several Moms to stand up to discuss one (or more) curriculum they have used, and address questions like: What were the successes you saw with this curriculum? What were any difficulties? How much time was necessary to prepare? How independently does the student work during the lesson? How expensive is the curriculum? What other materials are required for the lessons? Are there resources that would have made the curriculum easier/ or were some of the “necessary” resources really NOT useful?

I have several Language Arts curriculum in the shop currently, and the Moms who are presenting will bring some examples of the curriculum for others to look through.  If you are especially interested in a specific curriculum, let me know, and I’ll try to find someone who can present that material (or bring one in for you to see).  OR, if you are passionate about a specific Language Arts curriculum and would like to tell others, please get in touch with me and plan to attend one or more of the gatherings.  We will welcome input from those who attend, as well as those who have planned to present.

Curriculum Chat: Language Arts

  • Friday, June 8th  7-8pm
  • Saturday, June 9th 10-11am
  • Sunday, June 10th 3-4pm

**Due to the very limited space available, I ask that you please attend without your children.  You are welcome to bring your children at another time, if you would like them to browse.

**The shop will be open for a half hour before and after each gathering for anyone who wants time to browse or shop.  Coffee will be available.

I hope to see you this weekend!

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