It’s May! Already!

Any other families still trying to catch their breath from the last few weeks? I am thrilled to say that I have consignment payments for several consignors this month!  I sent each of you an email, and I can give you an update on which of your items sold, if you would like to know.

For the summer, I have modified the shop hours, but will still be available for much of the time by appointment.  I would like to host an informal gathering this month for the purpose of exploring curriculum options for a particular subject.  For the first one, I’m thinking of looking at either Math or Language Arts.  My idea is that several Moms who have had success with particular programs could bring the materials (at least the teacher guides), and talk about their experience with the curriculum- good, bad, preparation time, level of interaction with the student, etc.   Others would have a chance to put their hands on the curriculum and speak with a Mom who has practical knowledge of it.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in, would you pop over to my survey and let me know which subject you’d like to explore first, and what time might be most convenient?  (Due to very limited space, guests will need to make childcare arrangements on their own.)


Also, Journey Books will be open during the annual Heritage Estates Neighborhood yard sale (Fri, May 4th, 9-4, and Sat, May 5th, 8-4). You are welcome to browse in the shop, or drop items off for donation or consignment.  Please place any items you bring together in a box or bag, to make it easier for me to keep track of which items were brought by whom.  Thank you, and Happy May!



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